Thule Group


Introduction of the division Thule Recreational Products part of the Thule Group

The Thule Group
    Its products are very competitive and can change people's way of life and sell in 140 countries around the world. Headquartered in Sweden, Thule has more than 2,200 enthusiastic employees dedicated to continuous product improvement and production of safe, fashionable and attractive products. It is a global leader in sports and outdoor industries.The Thule group listed on NASDAQ successfully in 2015.

The BU of Thule RV
    The BU of Thule RV, which specializes in the development, production and global sale of RV products. Thule Group's head office is located in Malm?, south Sweden. Most of the products are manufactured in European factories and are owned by Thule and sold to dealers and RV manufacturers around the world.

Thule RV Products
    ● Space expansion product:Hanging, overhead, grooved manual and electric sunshades, and sunshade, rain proof, wind-proof curtains and sunshade cabins to fully expand the space around the RV.
    ● Bicycle frame: Suitable for all kinds of manual, electric bicycle frame for self, trailer and commercial RV, installation methods are: on wall, on door (no need to perforate A beam, etc.)
    ● Item Storage Management products: Includes top and rear luggage, baskets, storage bags for groceries, shoes, sanitary items, used clothes, toilet items, etc.
    ● Comfort and safety products: Roof frame, ladder, step, ventilation system, trailer flattener and safety lock.

Superior to Others
    The Thule Group continues to invest a lot in product innovation and development. It has a wide range of products, well-known brands, fashion design, reliable quality, more innovation points and high-end specifications.
    In Belgium, Poland and other places of art chemical plants, with a high degree of flexible production capacity, reliable delivery guarantee, maintain high quality standards.

Recognized European Market Leader
    The Thule Group is European market leader in the field of sunshade, bicycle frame, treadmill parts, etc. It not only has been chosen as the core supplier by most RV manufacturers. For example , Hymer, Capron, Buerstner, Dethleffs, Knaus, Adria, Carthago, Laika, Hobby, Fendt, Trigano, SEA, Rimor, Pilote, Carthago, Swift, Autotrail, Autosleeper. It is also a major supplier to luxury caravan makers, such as: Concorde, Morelo, NiesmannCon VW and Westfalia / Mercedes.

Commercial Vehicle Project
    Various RV parts are being customized for Fiat Ducato commercial vehicles, such as roof frame, roof awning, drawer step, bicycle frame, removable climbing ladder LED lamp belt, awning cabin, sunshade & windproof curtain, canoe, surfing, etc. Skis on board, etc. These products have been dynamic collision test, can be integrated with the car body, new design fashion.

    Thule's products are sold by many European dealers who have invested a lot of energy and resources in market development and inventory.

Global Market
    In the past five years, Thule has established its leadership position in the European market, and now it has focused on the global market. Sell in the United States, Canada, South America, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, the United States, Canada, South America, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, China and South Africa,etc.

    The Thule brand is deeply loved by the majority of users, is the most popular brand!

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