The 14th China (Beijing) International RV Camping and Outdoor Camping Exhibition

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    At the beginning of the new year, everything is renewed. The China (Beijing) International RV Camping Fair will soar again on January 12th, 2017, using the "New year's" wind. "14th China (Beijing) International RV Camping Exhibition 2017 China (Beijing) International Outdoor Camping Exposition-Press Conference" held in the RV World Beijing RV Expo Center, site media reporter and expert leader, Enterprise representatives gathered together to "exhibition" as the topic, looking at the development of the industry to explore the future of China's RV camping industry.

    This exhibition is sponsored by China Automobile Industry Association RV Committee member, 21 st Century RV, RV World, Beijing Camper RV Exhibition Co., Ltd. Total exhibition area 70,000 square meters, more than 400 exhibitors, visitors are expected to more than 80,000 people. At that time, domestic and foreign RV manufacturers, dealers, chassis, trailer accessories, camp design, camp equipment, wooden houses, outdoor equipment and other manufacturers, dealers and RV families, end users, gathered together to present the latest saloon car of 2017. Accessories and popular camping and outdoor equipment.

    China (Beijing) International RV Camping Exhibition has developed into a barometer and wind vane of China RV camping industry after 13 years. Leading the development trend has become its mission and responsibility.

Take stock of good policy, focus on the hot words of the industry
    National policies and industry development are closely linked, the launch system to take stock and interpret the 2016 "dividend." First, in September, In a joint document issued by the General offices of six ministries and commissions, the National Tourism Administration and other ministries issued the Circular on speeding up the Construction of Self-driving RV campsites in 2016 to further implement the State Council's plan of "speeding up the construction of self-driving RV camps and building 500 camps in 2016." It will lead to an investment of 35 billion RMB. Then in November, 11 ministries and commissions, including the National Tourism Administration, jointly issued in Beijing some opinions on promoting the development of self-driving traveling cars. To further implement the policy, by 2020, it will focus on building a number of self-driving tourist destinations with perfect public services, introducing a number of high-quality self-driving tourist routes, and cultivating a number of self-driving and camp chain brand enterprises. Enhancing the technical support ability of product and use management of sojourn vehicle, forming the network service system of camp and the complete chain of self-driving vehicle tourism industry, and building 2000 camps of all kinds of self-driving sojourn vehicle.

    The related policy environment is obviously optimized, the industrial scale is growing rapidly, the development quality and the comprehensive benefit are greatly improved, and the self-driving and sojourn car tourism industry system has been preliminarily constructed. With the strong support of the state, the demand for self-driving and RV travel in China is exuberant, growing at a rate of nearly 40% each year, and the whole industry is showing unprecedented vitality and vitality. During the press conference, everyone talked and analyzed hot topics in the industry, regardless of whether 24Home Hotel 24 Group released a new brand, "such as Home Town," and made every effort to enter the "double self" travel accommodation market. It is also the first Brigade Group's launch of the camp chain, Golden snail, to start the camping industry, which proves that increasing outdoor camping is the most important and wise decision of the Beijing RV Camping Show.

    The 2017 China (Beijing) International Outdoor Camping Exhibition will respond to the national policy call for promoting the development of the camping industry and saving energy and low carbon. With the theme of "embracing nature and living low carbon", we will set up camp construction and expansion, camping and leisure. Outdoor supplies, family cultural construction and other exhibition areas. Further expand the scale and scope of the exhibition, strive to create a camping all-industry chain exhibition.

Integrating Industry Resources to help optimize Development of Industry
    Exhibition industry can promote industry innovation and reform, brand exhibition has become the symbol of socialization. Beijing International RV Camping Fair is Asia's largest brand RV camper fair, industry associations, enterprises, media and end consumers are very interested in such a brand exhibition. The 14th China (Beijing) International RV Camping Exhibition continues to be received by the RV Committee of the China Automobile Industry Association, the RV Branch of the China Travel and Travel Association, and the Automobile Camping Branch of the China Automobile and Motorcycle Sports Federation, The China Association for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), the Beijing RV Camping and Self-driving Tourism Association, the China RV Camping Association, the China Brand RV Association, the China Brand Camp Alliance, and the industry brands have all participated in the exhibition. And at the beginning of spring to launch the whole line of high-quality products, to accept the market test.

    Car exhibitors such as Yutong Karenbingway, China Italy, Zhongtian, Strike, SAIC Chase, brilliance, Jiang Ling, Yat, Chuntian, Rilax, Dongfeng Royal Wind, Shun Tours, Jinlong, Dream Tour, Torister, Longcui, Xinkai, Qi Xing, Disheng, Zhongtian Trades, Start, Junqi, Haime, Dalian California, Kuanhe Pony, Jun'an Benz, Fareth, Rover Camp, American RV, Yasheng, Hagrid, Ling Yang, Teng, Nova, Zhong Minuo, Youtun, Kefa, Shituo, Flying God, McCarpe Power, Farmaid, Henan Xinfei, Coase RV, Changzhou Tiansheng, Sunshine Tour RV, Ultimate Fashion RV, Xinjishun,Huabei Hui, American exhibition industry, Fuji, Tiantan sea Joe, Nakajin Hiroshiro, Li Jun Chang Heng, Beijing Huda car, Shandong beauty home, Dalian KaiPeng, Shenyang red day, three Sheng, Bowei, Jiali car, Elson, Kaijun, Tang refit, Hebei Hong Tai, Sanxing RV, banners and other domestic car brands Shield, German Heim, German Knaus, German Tabbert, American Jack, American forest river, French Carlile Caravelair, British Coachman, Australian Kimberley and other international car brands will show Chinese consumers high quality products.

    Dumeida, Trouma, Seytford, Bigep, Yamaha, Langes, Germany are among the world's leading manufacturers of RV accessories. Domestic RV Accessories Enterprise Ningbo Guangrun, Ningbo Chengbang Creative, Foshan Jinxiong, Meguet, Bafang Ruijie, Zhifeng Industry, New focus, Deye Digital, Saab Electronics, Shenzhen LiJuntai, Hong Teng Tong, Shenbao Electric Appliances, Hongdu Electric Appliances, Huiming RV, Inder, Tianlang Junchi, Mai Shiteng, Hangzhou Huagu, Fuyuan Peace, Jett Power, Kang Tai Electronics, Zhuhai Zhicheng will work with Kali Tepper near, Qingdao Chuanghui, Dongguan Eddie hardware Lighting, Chuang Da Boya, Guangxiang Heng, Newfocus, Anek, Hebi, Jetka, Taicang Dongtai, Shenzhen Lepel, Sunshine Travel, Shenzhen Puguang, Jinchen Alliance, Gaoze Science and Technology, Suzhou Miley, Yongan window, Shanghai Kaiteng, New Anda, Nanchang Art Expo, Tianyaopai, New materials, Hengsheng Rhett, Ningbo Yirui, Topo Technology, Kaiyuan Sunrise, Kejia News, Luya Technology Renogy Solar Power supply experts and other exhibitors. In addition, Aoteme, St. Donghouse, Meyer House, Yuan Tai wooden House, Coobo Industry, Ming Chen Garden, etc., at the exhibition site to create a campsite scene planning and design exhibition, by pastoral Gao Di, Orion, Penghai tent, Search for wild technology and other enterprises of outdoor equipment area is also in intensive preparation.

    2017 China (Beijing) International RV Camping Exhibition, Outdoor Camping Exhibition, after 13 years of accumulation and precipitation, currently has the largest domestic resources and data resources for RV camping industry. It has become the first-choice one-stop platform for purchasing saloon cars and camping equipment.

The people are happy to return to the future, and carry on the past to start a new journey
    Looking back at the 13th Beijing International RV Camping Fair, which ended in September last year, it was a great success. There are more than 320 participating enterprises, with 54848 spectators and an exhibition area of 50,000 square meters. The cumulative sales volume is about 380 million. More than 1000 saloon cars and campers were on display at the scene to participate in the camping activities. A new record for the fall RV Camping Show! Among them, 91% of the exhibitors were satisfied with the quality of the audience. 99% of the exhibitors said that they were satisfied with the overall evaluation of the exhibition.

    This exhibition will go further on the basis of the previous session , and all indicators will be expected to increase . At the same time , domestic and foreign manufacturers , chassis , car accessories , camp design , camp equipment , wooden houses , outdoor equipment , high - end products , and other manufacturers , dealers and car families , end - users will gather together to enjoy a feast . During the same period , the activities of China ' s International Housing and Car Camping Industry Development Forum , China International Housing and Car Camping Industry Development Forum , " China International Housing and Car Camping Industry Development Forum " , " How to plan a perfect house car " , etc . , are all through the course .

    According to the leader of the organizing committee, "the Beijing international car camping exhibition, which began in 2010, is the first major professional exhibition with the theme of the domestic car camping. After years of development, a good brand image has been set up in the industry, with a cumulative turnover of over 6 billion yuan, which supports the half of the domestic car market. This exhibition aims to disseminate the world's advanced RV culture and the camping experience of the RV, to promote the economic development of the domestic RV camping industry, and to invite famous bands to the field, and to enjoy the special food and try to provide more weekly camping services for the car family's car friends.

    March 23th to 26th, 2017, RV World RV Expo Center, "14th China (Beijing) International RV Camping Exhibition 2017 China (Beijing) International Outdoor Camping Exhibition", looking forward to sharing the harvest and joy with you!

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